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Lau Møller Andersen - PhD

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Email: lau.moller.andersen[at]

Phone: +46 8 524 832 09

Visiting address:

NatMEG, Nobels väg 9,

171 77 Stockholm, Sweden


PhD: Aarhus University 2016

Thesis: Spatio-temporal localization and task specificity in the search for neural correlates of perceptual consciousness

MSc (Cum Laude): University of Amsterdam 2011

Programme: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

BA: Aarhus University 2009

Programmes: Philosophy and Lingustics


I am a post-doc working in NatMEG (The Swedish National Facility for Magnetoencephalography) at Karolinska Institutet. I'm interested in anything related to magnetoencephalography (MEG), but sensory expectations, consciousness and on-scalp MEG must be highlighted among my interests. I have also worked and published on on-scalp MEG and machine learning. Finally, I take a keen interest in coding using language such as MATLAB, Python and R and have published tutorial papers on how to do MEG analysis in FieldTrip and MNE-Python.

Minimum Norm Estimate

Figure from:

Andersen, L. M. Group Analysis in MNE-Python of Evoked Responses from a Tactile Stimulation Paradigm: A Pipeline for Reproducibility at Every Step of Processing, Going from Individual Sensor Space Representations to an across-Group Source Space Representation. Front. Neurosci. 12, (2018).

On-scalp MEG

See publication

Andersen, L. M. et al. Similarities and differences between on-scalp and conventional in-helmet magnetoencephalography recordings. PLOS ONE 12, e0178602 (2017).


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